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folderPane Members

The folderPane type exposes the following members.


Public method canGoToFolder(String) Verifies whether the specified special folder is available.
Public method deselectAll Clears the selection from all folder pane items.
Public method goToFolder(String) Navigates to the specified folder. The parameter can contain either a path to the target folder (for example, C:/Images) or a member of enumeration which specifies a special folder (for example, My Documents, My Pictures, etc.).
Public method goToParentFolder Navigates to the parent folder.
Public method goToPreviousFolder Navigates to the previous folder.
Public method selectAll Selects all the items in the folder pane.


Public property filterClearIconImageFormat Gets or sets a list of images that are displayed in different states of the search box icon.
Public property filterHintText Gets or sets a text of the prompt inside the search box.
Public property headerText Gets or sets a text of the Folder pane header.
Public property height Gets or sets a height of the folder pane.
Public property previewSize Gets or sets a size of the preview area in Thumbnails view.
Public property showAllowedItemsOnly Gets or sets value indicating whether to display denied files in the folder pane.
Public property sortMode Gets or sets a sort mode of the folder pane.
Public property tileHeight Gets or sets custom tile height in Tiles view mode.
Public property tilePreviewSize Gets or sets size of thumbnail (or icon for non-image files) into a tile.
Public property tileTemplate Gets or sets an HTML-like template of the data displayed inside a tile.
Public property tileWidth Gets or sets custom tile width in Tiles view mode.
Public property viewMode Gets or sets a view mode for the folder pane.