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Messages.FileNameNotAllowed Property

Supported browsers: Internet ExplorerFirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari

Gets or sets a message which states that a user tries to select a file, the name of which is not allowed.

Namespace: Aurigma.ImageUploader
Assembly: Aurigma.ImageUploader (in Aurigma.ImageUploader.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Property FileNameNotAllowed As String
public string FileNameNotAllowed { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: System.String

The message which states that a user tries to select a file the name of which is not allowed (i.e. the file name does not match FileMask, or matches DeniedFileMask). It can contain the following placeholder:

replaced by the name of the file which cannot be added.

Default value is "The file '[name]' cannot be selected. This file has inadmissible name.".


This property is necessary for localization of Image Uploader.

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