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converter.thumbnailCompressOversizedOnly Property

Supported browsers: Internet ExplorerFirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari

Gets or sets a value indicating whether an original image should be uploaded as the thumbnail in case when original image dimensions and file size are not bigger than dimensions and file size of this thumbnail.


JavaScript Initialize
    converters : [
            //...other params...
            thumbnailCompressOversizedOnly: false,
            //...other params...
Get/Set Value at Runtime
value = $au.uploader('uploaderID').converters().get(index).thumbnailCompressOversizedOnly();

Property Value

Type: Boolean

If true and:

  • The original file is JPEG;
  • No watermark is applied;
  • The dimensions of the original file are not bigger than the dimensions of the thumbnail;
  • The size in bytes of the original file is not greater than the size of the thumbnail.

Then the original file will be sent instead of the thumbnail. In all other cases a thumbnail is created.

Default value is false.


This property makes sense only if the mode property has the Thumbnail value.

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