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file.format Property

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer

Gets a file format of the user-selected file.


JavaScript Get/Set Value at Runtime
value = $au.uploader('uploaderID').files().get(index).format();

Property Value

Type: String

The format of this file. The following values are supported:

UnknownUnknown file format.
JPEGJPEG file format.
BMPBMP file format.
PNGPNG file format.
PCXPCX file format.
WBMPWBMP file format.
GIFGIF file format.
PSDPSD file format.



Do not confuse this property with type. File format returned through this property is determined with Image Uploader by analyzing file content (rather than the file extension). In the same time the file type is retrieved from system (determined via the file extension).