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uploadSettings.uploadConverterOutputSeparately Property

Supported browsers: Internet ExplorerFirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to send each converted file in a separate request.


JavaScript Initialize
    uploadSettings: {
        //...other params...
        uploadConverterOutputSeparately: false,
        //...other params...
Get/Set Value at Runtime
value = $au.uploader('uploaderID').uploadSettings().uploadConverterOutputSeparately();

Property Value

Type: Boolean

If true, each converted file is uploaded in a separate POST request.

Default value is false.



When Image Uploader sends converted files separately it does not take into account the filesPerPackage value. However, if the chunkSize is greater than 0, Image Uploader divides converted files, which size exceeds this value, into chunks and sends them separately.

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