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uploader.folderProcessingMode Property

Supported browsers: Internet ExplorerFirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari

Gets or sets the folder processing mode.


JavaScript Initialize
    //...other params...
    folderProcessingMode: "Skip",
    //...other params...
Get/Set Value at Runtime
value = $au.uploader('uploaderID').folderProcessingMode();

Property Value

Type: String

The folder processing mode.

The following values are supported:

SkipSubfolders are not shown in the folder pane, so it is impossible to upload a whole folder if it is not a current folder.
ShowSubfolders are visible in the folder pane, so a user can select folders. However, restoring folders structure on server side is impossible because no file path information is uploaded.
UploadSubfolders are shown in the folder pane, so a user can select folders. Moreover, it is possible to restore folders structure on a server because Image Uploader sends each file along with its relative path to the selected folder.

Default value is "Skip".



Image Uploader Express does not display and upload folders. See the Comparison of Image Uploader Editions topic for details.

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