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UploadSettings.EnableInstantUpload Property

Supported browsers: Internet ExplorerFirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to start sending files right after they are added to the upload pane without waiting for Upload button click.


public function getEnableInstantUpload() {

public function setEnableInstantUpload($value) {

Property Value

Type: boolean

If true, the upload process starts instantly when files are added to the upload pane. Otherwise, the upload starts when the Upload button is clicked.

Default value is false.



This property takes effect in OnePane layout only.

If this property is true it causes the following changes in Image Uploader user interface:

  • The uploading files dialog is initially hidden.
  • The status pane is equipped with a progress bar indicating the upload progress.
  • The uploading files dialog can be shown by clicking the status pane.
  • The uploading files dialog contains the Hide button which makes this dialog invisible.

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