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Keyboard Shortcuts

This table lists keyboard shortcuts you can use with Image Uploader.

Shortcut Action
Arrows Tree pane: navigate through the folder tree.
Folder and upload panes: navigates through the file list.
Shift+Arrows Navigate through the items, adding them to selection.
Ctrl+Arrows Navigate through the items without selection modification.
BackSpace Folder pane: move to the parent folder.
Upload pane: delete an item from the upload list.
Tab Move focus on the next control element.
Shift+Tab Move focus on the previous control element.
Enter Open file in associated viewer software if the Uploader.EnableFileViewerEnableFileViewer (ASP.NET)EnableFileViewer (PHP)enableFileViewer (JavaScript) property is true.
Space Three panes layout: check/uncheck selected items.
Delete Upload pane: delete an item from the upload list.
Ctrl+A Select all the items.