Where ActiveX/Java Uploader Can Be Useful

Why ActiveX/Java Uploader

ActiveX/Java Uploader delivers substantial value to all stake holders involved both in the project development flow and in the production and profit making.

Solution Owners

ActiveX/Java Uploader is a powerful upload component designed for Web 2.0 projects, photo print services, image galleries, e-commerce and any other image-centered and/or upload-enabled solutions.

Solution Developers

For developers ActiveX/Java Uploader is more than just a client-side control. It is an SDK that ships with the following facilities to embed this control into web solution:

  • ActiveX/Java Uploader ASP.NET makes it possible to deploy and configure ActiveX/Java Uploader in Microsoft Visual Studio via design mode and handle uploaded data almost without coding.
  • ActiveX/Java Uploader PHP is a collection of classes that allows PHP developers to work with ActiveX/Java Uploader in a usual way as with a common PHP object.
  • ActiveX/Java Uploader JavaScript is a core client-side library used in both ActiveX/Java Uploader ASP.NET and ActiveX/Java Uploader PHP. This library does not provide facilities to handle uploaded data server-side; nonetheless, it is more flexible and can be used with any HTTP-compliant server platform (not only ASP.NET or PHP).

This SDK also includes the detailed documentation (covering both the API and the features) and real-life samples for the most widely used server platforms.

End Users

From the point of view of the end user, ActiveX/Java Uploader has an attractive appearance and intuitive user interface.

ActiveX/Java Uploader features several layouts, so you can choose the one that is the most appropriate for the solution. Moreover, you can choose to show the progress bar and remaining upload time estimation. End users can abort and resume uploads, use drag-n-drop and upload entire folders, too.

To start uploading, a user only needs to have Java Runtime Environment installed (for non-Internet Explorer browsers) and ActiveX/Java Uploader downloaded and enabled.

Objectives Solved

Making mass file uploads easy - that is what ActiveX/Java Uploader is all about. It also enables uploads of entire folders, ZIP compression, user quota and basic image processing functionality. The imaging capabilities of ActiveX/Java Uploader cover the needs of a variety of photo-centered solutions, including photo print services, Web 2.0, picture galleries, stock photo auctions, etc.

ActiveX/Java Uploader does all imaging client-side, which spares the server a great deal of load. The imaging-related operations include cropping, resizing, rotation, watermarking, EXIF and IPTC metadata extraction, and JPEG compression. This way, you only need to get enough bandwidth to receive the photos ready for printing or public display.

ActiveX/Java Uploader provides a wide range of supervisory functions (i.e. user quota). These include specifying the maximum and minimum permissible size of the uploaded files (both in pixels and megabytes), restricting allowed file extensions, disallowing uploads of CMYK images, etc.

Besides, ActiveX/Java Uploader allows to get and post supplementary data from the client. To that end, it enables the end user to enter descriptions for files. As well, the fields of the POST requests sent by ActiveX/Java Uploader can be customized to send arbitrary data to the server.

ActiveX/Java Uploader works with any server part that is able to receive POST requests via HTTP. To illustrate this, we have included several samples for the most popular server platforms.

Integratability and Compatibility

ActiveX/Java Uploader easily integrates with your existing solutions. The customizability of the POST request allows seamless data exchange between the control and in-house and third-party applications and APIs.

ActiveX/Java Uploader supports the majority of modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (for Mac OS only), and Google Chrome. This allows convenient uploads on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix and FreeBSD.

ActiveX/Java Uploader GUI elements are widely customizable: you can specify captions or images for the buttons, text for messages and warnings, background colors and much more. The GUI is easily localizable into any language, and it also ships with ready-to-use translations for 15 locales, including Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. The sample which comes with the SDK shows how to enable on-the-fly locale switching without reloading the page.

Versatility to Serve Many Industries

ActiveX/Java Uploader provides rich functionality that can be used to solve a variety of specific tasks. Thus, it can be used in a wide range of solutions, including Web 2.0, printing, real estate, and car dealer services, medical services, etc. Here, ActiveX/Java Uploader meets the requirements posed both for the upload workflow and for the upload tool itself. To see how it caters for various industries, let us consider some examples:

  1. Web 2.0 projects have a bunch of requirements that are rather different in their nature:

    • essentially flexible and easily customizable GUI
    • client-side thumbnail generation
    • capability of uploading arbitrary data along with files
    • quota for the file size in pixels and megabytes
    • client-side watermarking
  2. Printing services mostly have requirements directly related to processing of large images:

    • working with huge bitmaps
    • client-side resize, rotation, and cropping
    • handling EXIF and IPTC metadata
    • quality meter that allows choosing the optimal paper size for printing the photos
  3. Professional solutions for various industries (including e-commerce) require an assorted set of features:

    • uploading both image and non-image files
    • preparing resized images on the client side
    • client-side file compression
    • quota for the size of both files uploaded at a time and for a single file