What's New?

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.9 - Released January 10, 2014


  • Now the message, which states that File Downloader cannot access the local file system due to Safari security settings, can be modified via the noFileSystemAccessInSafari property. In addition, it contains a host name of the currently opened website.

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.8 - Released November 1, 2013


  • Added support of Internet Explorer 11.
  • Specifying the file size in the download file list is optional now.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Safari, starting from versions 6.1 (OS X 10.8) and 7.0 (OS X 10.9), restricts access to the local file system for Java applets. Now File Downloader displays instructions to end-users explaining how to enable the access.

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.7 - Released October 22, 2013

Java-specific improvements

  • Added support of Java 1.7u45.

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.6 - Released May 23, 2013


  • Support of Windows 8.

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.5 - Released April 19, 2013

Java-specific improvements

  • Added support of new security restrictions introduced in Java 1.7u21. The new security approach made previous versions of File Downloader inoperable unless mixed code security verification is disabled in Java settings.

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.4 - Released March 07, 2012


  • Domain-tree license is now available in Premium edition.

Bug Fixes

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.3 - Released July 12, 2011

Java-specific improvements

  • Cookie support is added; earlier losing authentication cookies could result in "The server returned a wrong size..." error. To set cookies use the Cookie property.

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.2 - Released June 10, 2011

Java-specific improvements

  • Now the minimum required version of JRE is 1.5.

Bug Fixes

Aurigma File Downloader 7.0.1 - Released February 19, 2011

General Improvements

  • File Downloader now supports non-Internet Explorer browsers, i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari for Mac OS.
  • Background download mode is available now; use the ShowProgressDialog property to hide the Progress Dialog and download files in background.


  • Format of license keys has been changed.
  • All updates will be available only as a part of a maintenance subscription; for full licensing conditions see the Licensing Information topic.
  • Starting from version 7.0.1 you can obtain a trial license key using Request Evaluation Keys tool.

GUI Changes

  • The Progress Dialog interface has been changed; see the File Downloader User Interface topic.
  • Now you can make your own Progress Dialog; for more information see the Customizing Progress Bar topic.
  • You can not customize the Download button anymore, although you can make an HTML button that initiates the download process; for more information see the Customizing Appearance topic.

API Changes

  • The ButtonDownloadImageFormat, CacheGuiGraphics, and GuiGraphicsVersion properties are eliminated.
  • The ProgressDialogDownloadingFileText, ProgressDialogToText, ProgressDialogTimeLeftText, and ProgressDialogRateText properties are eliminated.
  • ... for the full list of API changes see the Upgrading from File Downloader 2.0 topic.

Aurigma File Downloader 2.1.7 - Released October 15, 2010

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with file list decoding.

Aurigma File Downloader 2.1.6 - Released October 8, 2010


  • Support of HTTP 1.1 chunked transfer encoding.

Aurigma File Downloader 2.1.4 - Released February 27, 2010


  • Support of Windows 7.
  • Support of downloading via HTTPS.
  • New 303 and 304 error codes were added to the Error event.
  • Fixed a problem with download resuming.
  • Now encoded URLs are processed properly.
  • Now columns in the file list (displayed in the Download Confirmation Dialog) can be removed.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying server name in the Download Confirmation Dialog.
  • Now total file size is displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with File Downloader crash when a log file contains too long strings.
  • Now strings from a log file can be copied correctly.

Aurigma File Downloader 2.0 - Released May 23, 2008


Please be sure to learn about the changed trial licensing policy. From now on, you will need a trial license key to test-drive the trial version (except for localhost). For details, see Evaluating and Registering File Downloader topic.

New Features

  • Compatibility with Windows Vista (including Internet Explorer 7 Protected Mode).
  • Support of automatic download recovery if connection was interrupted. The number of reconnection attempts and the time interval between them can be specified with ReconnectAttemptsCount and ReconnectTimeOut properties, respectively.
  • Improved download mechanism.
  • Improved GUI.
  • The progress of downloading file list is shown by progress bar.
  • Download process can be initiated in the script using the Download() method.
  • Folder chosen in the Browse for folder dialog by default can be specified with the DefaultDestinationFolder property.
  • ...a number of various minor improvements and performance optimizations.

Bug Fixes

  • Problem with hang ups during downloads is solved.
  • Limitation of the maximum number of file list items is significantly increased.
  • Insufficient disk space error is handled correctly.
  • Fixed memory leak problems.
  • ...a number of various minor bug fixes.

Breaking Changes in API