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This section contains information on how to resolve problems that you can encounter when using Image Uploader.

In This Section

FAQ: Installation Problems
FAQ: Evaluation and License Key Problems
FAQ: Upload Problems
Updating Image Uploader on the Client Side
Debugging Server Scripts
Using Java Console
Revealing Image Uploader Version Number

If information in this section does not help, feel free to create support case. Please, send the following information:

  • Detailed description of the problem. Please, do not send reports like "Image Uploader does not work." Details are necessary so that technical support staff could help you. In particular, describe what steps you carry out to reproduce the problem.
  • Operating system and the browser where you experience this problem. If the problem occurs on the client side, please, try to reproduce the problem with several browsers (if possible).
  • Image Uploader version. Please, check whether the problem occurs in ActiveX version, Java version, or both of them. Also, the version number would be helpful too.
  • HTML code with Image Uploader parameters. Please, try to send only relevant code (especially if the page is large).
  • Java-related only. Java console output. See the Using Java Console to learn how to open the console.
  • Any other information that you think can help us. For example, screenshots.