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Image Uploader is distributed with numerous code samples that demonstrate how to use it in different server environments for various applications. Find the information about these demos in this section.

Samples Summary

All the code samples, which are distributed with Image Uploader, can be found in the Samples subfolder of the Image Uploader SDK installation folder.

The following samples are available:

Each of these applications is written for the following server platforms:

The only exception is the Server Imaging Sample - there is no ColdFusion version of this demo.


These demo applications are just examples of Image Uploader usage. Image Uploader is a client-side control/applet (i.e. and ImageUploader37.jar file). All other codes (both HTML/JavaScript and server pages) are not a part of Image Uploader! All the actions performed on server (such as saving files to folders, deleting previously uploaded files, and others) are made by this code rather than by Image Uploader.

Keep in mind that these demo applications are intended for demonstration purposes only. It is not recommended to use it in production. For real-life applications you should write your own code which takes into account its specificity.

However, you can use these demos as starter kits that illustrate how to use Image Uploader in some typical situations. Feel free to copy and modify the code from these applications.

How This Section Is Organized

This section is divided into two parts: Samples by Application and Samples by Platforms.

Samples by Application

Describes code samples by their application, without drawing any attention on server platform specificity.

Samples by Platforms

Contains platform-specific information about code samples, in particular, how to deploy them on the server.

For example, let's assume you are interested to see how to optimize upload size in ASP.NET. In this case you should check these two topics:

  • Optimized Upload Sample - to find information on how to resize and compress images using Image Uploader settings.
  • ASP.NET Samples - to learn how to install and get this demo application working on your server.