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ColdFusion Samples


This topic discusses how to deploy ColdFusion demo applications on your server.


To find information about how specific application works, see the Samples by Application topic.

Installation Steps

  1. Copy all files from the Samples\ColdFusion subfolder of the Image Uploader SDK into some directory on your web server.
  2. Make sure that the Gallery folder has enough permissions:
    • On Windows NT/2000/XP you should grant the modify permission to the internet guest user (IUSR_<machinename>).
    • On Windows 2003 you should grant the modify permission to the NETWORK SERVICE group.
    • On other operating systems you should also specify appropriate permissions.
  3. Aurigma HashGenerator ActiveX component should be installed for the Robust Upload Sample. Note that it will work only on the Windows platform.
  4. Run a browser and type the URL of the demo applications start page (index.cfm in the root of the ColdFusion folder).


Cannot Upload More Than N Megabytes

The most typical cause of this problem is a server-side limitation for the maximum POST request length. Usually, it is specified to reduce the risk of DoS attacks. If the request size exceeds some specific value, it is considered malicious, and the upload is broken. In this situation Image Uploader displays the following error message:

Upload failed (the connection was interrupted).

To increase the limit of the maximum upload size, you should edit your server configuration files.

  1. Go to the ColdFusion Administrator page (http://<yourserver>/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm) and expand the Server Sttings menu.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Change the Maximum size of post data value according to your needs.
  4. Optionally, change the Timeout Requests after (seconds) value.

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