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The UploadHandler type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method UploadHandler

Creates and initializes an instance of the UploadHandler class.


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Public method ProcessRequest

Enables processing of ActiveX/Java Uploader requests.

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Name Description
Public property AutoSave

Gets or sets a value indicating whether uploaded files should be automatically saved.

Public property CacheAliveTimeout

Gets or sets a maximum time (in seconds) the upload session cache will be saved.

Public property Context
Public property DestinationFolder

Gets or sets a name of the folder to save uploaded files to.

Public property EnableRequestValidation
Public property IsReusable

Gets a value indicating whether another request can use this handler.

Public property MediumTrustCompatibility

Gets or sets a value indicating whether ActiveX/Java Uploader supports medium trust level in ASP.NET.

Public property TempDirectory

Gets or sets a path to the folder where UploadHandler saves the upload session cache.


Name Description
Public event AllFilesUploaded

Fires when the whole upload session completes.

Public event FileUploaded

Fires whenever all the converted files and metadata related to a particular user-selected file are successfully uploaded.

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