$au Namespace ActiveX/Java Uploader JavaScript

This is a root namespace of ActiveX/Java Uploader JavaScript.


Public class activeXControl This class represents ActiveX Uploader control.
Public class addFilesProgressDialog This class represents the adding files dialog which appears when a user selects quite a lot of files.
Public class authenticationDialog This class represents the authentication dialog.
Public class events This class provides access to ActiveX/Java Uploader client-side events.
Public class contextMenu This class represents ActiveX/Java Uploader context menu. Use this class to customize or localize context menu options.
Public class converter This class represents a file converter.
Public class converters This class represents a collection of file converters.
Public class debug This class allows to debug the script which embeds ActiveX/Java Uploader into a page.
Public class deleteFilesDialog This class represents the delete confirmation dialog which appears in non-Internet Explorer browsers when enableOriginalFilesDeletion is true.
Public class descriptionEditor This class represents the description editor.
Public class detailsViewColumns This class contains titles of columns displayed in the Details view.
Public class event This class represents a collection of client-side event handlers.
Public class file This class represents the file actually contained in the upload pane.
Public class files This class represents a collection of files added to the upload pane. See Example for details.
Public class folderPane This class represents the folder pane.
Public class imageEditor This class represents the image editor.
Public class informationBar This class represents the information bar.
Public class installationProgress This class allows displaying special screens instead of ActiveX/Java Uploader during the downloading and installation phases.
Public class javaControl This class represents Java Uploader applet.
Public class messages This class contains error messages which ActiveX/Java Uploader shows.
Public class metadata This class represents a name-value collection of additional upload data.
Public class paneItem This class represents a pane item displayed in both the upload and folder panes.
Public class qualityMeter This class represents the quality meter.
Public class restrictions This class contains masks for allowed and denied file extensions and upload restrictions.
Public class statusPane This class represents the status pane.
Public class thumbnail This class represents a standalone thumbnail bound with some upload pane item of ActiveX/Java Uploader.
Public class thumbnailEvents This class provides access to client-side events of the thumbnail control.
Public class treePane This class represents the tree pane.
Public class uploader This class is intended for embedding ActiveX/Java Uploader into a web page.
Public class uploadPane This class represents the upload pane.
Public class uploadProgressDialog This class represents the uploading files dialog which appears during the upload.
Public class uploadSettings This class represents the upload settings.

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