Converter.Mode Property ActiveX/Java Uploader ASP.NET

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Gets or sets a conversion mode of this converter.

Namespace: Aurigma.ImageUploader
Assembly: Aurigma.ImageUploader (in Aurigma.ImageUploader.dll)


public string Mode { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: System..String

The conversion mode of this converter.

Default value is "".


This property specifies a format string for a desired conversion mode. It consists of masks=mode pairs separated by semicolon. Each pair includes a set of file masks separated by comma and a corresponding mode. In general, this string has the following syntax:


When ActiveX/Java Uploader prepares the upload request, it parses the conversion mode format string from the beginning to the end and extracts such pairs. For each file selected for upload ActiveX/Java Uploader gives the first pair. If it finds a file mask in this pair which matches the file extension, it applies a corresponding mode. If no appropriate file mask found, ActiveX/Java Uploader checks the next pairs in the same way.


If there is no file mask corresponding to the original file extension or appropriate mode ActiveX/Java Uploader does not send this converted file.

This is a list of supported conversion modes:

Value Description
SourceFile means that the selected file will be uploaded from a user's computer without any changes.
Thumbnail works as follows. If the selected file is image, it will be resized using the parameters listed below and uploaded as JPEG file. Otherwise, a converted file will not be sent.
Icon means that a system icon associated with the selected file will be uploaded.
Zip means that a ZIP archive of the selected file will be uploaded.
None means that no file will be uploaded.

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