Metadata.Iptc Property ActiveX/Java Uploader ASP.NET

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Gets or sets a list of IPTC fields which should be extracted and uploaded along with other data.

Namespace: Aurigma.ImageUploader
Assembly: Aurigma.ImageUploader (in Aurigma.ImageUploader.dll)


public string Iptc { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: System..String

The string containing IPTC field names which you want to extract, separated with a semicolon.

You will find possible names of IPTC fields in the table below.

Field name Description
IptcByline The name of the creator of the image, e.g. artist, photographer, etc.
IptcBylineTitle The byline title (e.g. staff photographer, correspondent, etc).
IptcCredit The provider of the image.
IptcSource The original owner of the intellectual content of this image.
IptcObjectName The short reference for the object.
IptcDateCreated The date the image (as an intellectual content, rather than physical file) created.
IptcCity The city of the image origin.
IptcState The state/province of the image origin.
IptcCountry The country of the image origin.
IptcOriginalTransmissionReference The location of the original transmission.
IptcCopyrightNotice The copyright notice.
IptcCaption The textual description of the image.
IptcWriter The name of editor or other person involved in the writing.
IptcHeadline The brief overview for the image.
IptcSpecialInstructions Some custom editorial instructions.
IptcCategory The image category.
IptcSupplementaryCategory The supplementary category for the image.
IptcUrgency The editorial urgency of the content.
IptcKeyword The keywords used for search.

All date values have the following format: YYYYMMDD. E.g. 11th of May 2006 would be represented as: 20060511.

For more information about interpretation of these values, refer to IPTC specification (version 4.1 is currently supported).

Default value is "".


To get an uploaded IPTC value at the server, use the Package.PackageFields collection. Here this value can be retrieved by a key named in the following way: XXX_N, where XXX is a string value specified in this property (IPTC field name), and N is the index of the file in the request. E.g. if the property value is IptcCountry;IptcCity;IptcObjectName, the PackageFields collection will contain the following keys:

  • IptcCountry_1, IptcCountry_2, etc.
  • IptcCity_1, IptcCity_2, etc.
  • IptcObjectName_1, IptcObjectName_2, etc.

If you prefer to extract IPTC fields on the server, you can get them from the original file, or specify to preserve IPTC fields in the thumbnails you are going to upload. To do it, use the ThumbnailCopyIptc property.

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