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This class represents a file converter.

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class Converter {


ActiveX/Java Uploader allows sending so-called converted files for each of the user-selected files. These files are configured using the Converters property of the Uploader object. This property accepts a collection of Converter instances. Each converter describes one file (source, thumbnail, icon, or ZIP archive) to be uploaded for every file a user selects.

For instance, you set the following collection of converters:

$uploader = new Uploader("Uploader1");
$converters = &$uploader->getConverters();
$converter = new Converter();
$converters[] = $converter;
$converter = new Converter();
$converters[] = $converter;

It means that ActiveX/Java Uploader will send an original file and its resized copy or icon. So if a user selects two files (a JPEG image and a PDF document) ActiveX/Java Uploader will send four files:

  • the JPEG image and the PDF file themselves,
  • a resized copy of the image and a PDF icon.

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