Using HTML5/Flash Uploader

Supported technologies: Adobe FlashHTML 5

This section contains how-to topics which describe HTML5/Flash Uploader usage in different aspects. It is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with these topics to get an idea about best practices of HTML5/Flash Uploader usage.

In This Section

Uploading in ASP.NET
Uploading in PHP
Uploading in Other Platforms
Uploading Images
Customizing User Interface
Configuring Common Upload Settings in HTML5/Flash Uploader
Configuring Files to be Uploaded in HTML5/Flash Uploader
Sending File at Once or in Several Parts in HTML5/Flash Uploader
Configuring Fail-safe Upload
Uploading Large Amount of Images
Configuring Restriction Rules for Files
Using HTML5/Flash Uploader at Runtime
Using Host and Upload Domains that Differ from One Another
Enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing for HTML5 Uploader
Uploading to Amazon S3 with HTML5 Uploader