Working with Images

Although HTML5/Flash Uploader is intended for uploading files of various types, it also provides some imaging capabilities. In other words, HTML5/Flash Uploader can perform the following image-related tasks:

HTML5/Flash Uploader recognizes the following file formats as images:

  • JPEG
  • TIFF (in Internet Explorer only)
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • PSD (in Internet Explorer only)
  • WBMP (in Internet Explorer only)

HTML5/Flash Uploader can load files of these formats and display previews for them, however, it can save the image only into the single format - JPEG. So if you create a thumbnail for an image file (say, GIF), or create a rotated version, it will be saved to JPEG format. See more details in the Uploading Images section.