FileDownloader.LicenseKey Property

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License key which removes evaluation version limitations for purchased domains or IPs.



<script type="text/javascript" src="iuembed.js">  </script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var fd = new FileDownloaderWriter("FileDownloaderID", 610, 500);
//...other params...
fd.addParam("LicenseKey", "");
//...other params...

Property Value

A string value containing a valid license key. To get a license key you should purchase a license for File Downloader.

If you purchased several licenses or use the same code with File Downloader both on production and development servers, that is, if you need to specify several license keys, separate them with semicolons. Example:



No extra characters like white spaces are allowed between license keys.

File Downloader always works as a full version for the localhost domain (regardless to the license key).

Default value is "".


If none of the provided license keys conforms to the address of the server from which files are downloaded, File Downloader will not work at all.

There are two license types available for File Downloader.

Domain License

Generated for a single fully qualified domain name of the server from which files are downloaded. It means that any subdomains require a separate license key. The only exception from this rule is the www subdomain. In other words, domains and are interpreted as equal, and there is no need to purchase two licenses for these two domains.


The domain name of the page which hosts the control and the domain name of the server from which file list is requested must reside within the same organization-level domain as the registered domain. For example, if you registered the domain, you can host File Downloader or request file lists form or any its subdomain.

IP License

Generated for an IP address of the server from which files are downloaded. File Downloader can be used with any domain associated with this IP address; available only in Premium edition.

If you have any questions regarding licensing options or any other sales-related queries, do not hesitate to contact for assistance.