Samples by Application

This section contains information about File Downloader code samples grouped by application. It does not contain any platform-related information. For instructions on deploying code samples on your computer, see the Samples by Platform topic.

The following code samples are available:

Basic Sample

A simple quick start demo which illustrates how to use File Downloader and generate a file list on the server.

Localization Sample

Multilanguage download application. It demonstrates how to translate File Downloader user interface into different languages and switch dynamically between them. Also, this demo contains ready-to-use translations into Russian that can be easily re-used (even in a single-language mode).


These demo applications are just examples of File Downloader usage. File Downloader is a client-side application, that means it is just and FileDownloader7.jar files. All other code (both HTML/JavaScript and server pages) is not a part of File Downloader! All server-side actions, such as generating a file list, are performed by this code rather than by File Downloader.

Keep in mind that these demo applications are intended for demonstration purposes only. It is not recommended to use them in production. For real-life applications you should write your own code which takes into account necessary specifics.

However you can use these demos as starter kits that illustrate how to use File Downloader in some typical situations. Feel free to copy and modify the code from these applications.

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