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Aurigma.ImageUploader Namespace

The Aurigma.ImageUploader is a root namespace of Image Uploader ASP.NET control.


Class Description
Public class BackgroundImageFormat

This class specifies settings of a background image.

Public class BaseControl

Base class for all Image Uploader controls.

Public class BaseExtender

Base class for BaseImageUploaderExtender.

Public class BaseFileInfo

Base class for SourceFileInfo and ThumbnailInfo classes.

Public class BaseImageUploaderExtender

Base class for all Image Uploader extenders.

Public class BaseMetaPropertyList

Base class for metadata lists.

Public class ClientEventList

Represents a collection of client-side event listeners.

Public class ExifList

Represents a list of EXIF metadata fields.

Public class FileUploadEventArgs

Provides data for FileUploaded event of the ImageUploader class.

Public class FontInfo

This class specifies font settings.

Public class ImageFormat

This class specifies different states of Image Uploader buttons and icons.

Public class ImageUploader

This class represents a Web control intended for embedding Image Uploader into ASP.NET applications.

Public class InstallationProgress

This class represents the ActiveX installation progress.

Public class IptcList

Represents a list of IPTC metadata fields.

Public class ShellComboBox

Dropdown list with folder tree.

Public class SourceFileInfo

This class represents uploaded source file.

Public class Thumbnail

Standalone thumbnail bound with some upload list item of Image Uploader.

Public class ThumbnailInfo

This class represents uploaded thumbnail.

Public class ThumbnailList

This class represents a list of thumbnails created for the currently uploaded file.

Public class ThumbnailListEnumerator

Provides a forward-only cursor to enumerate through thumbnails in a ThumbnailList.

Public class UploadPane

Standalone upload pane.


Delegate Description
Public delegate FileUploadEventHandler

This delegate represents the method that will handle FileUploaded event of the ImageUploader class.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AuthenticationType

Specifies possible authentication types configured on the server.

Public enumeration BackgroundPosition

Specifies possible values for background image position.

Public enumeration BorderStyle

Specifies possible values for border styles.

Public enumeration CompressionMode

Specifies possible values for compression modes.

Public enumeration LineStyle

Specifies possible values for grid line styles.

Public enumeration PaneLayout

Specifies possible values for layouts of Image Uploader panes.

Public enumeration PostFormat

Specifies possible values for Image Uploader POST formats.

Public enumeration ResizeQuality

Specifies possible values for resize qualities.

Public enumeration SortMode

Specifies possible values for sort modes.

Public enumeration ThumbnailFallbackMode

Specifies possible values for fallback modes.

Public enumeration ThumbnailFitMode

Specifies possible values for fit modes.

Public enumeration View

Specifies possible values for Image Uploader view modes.