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Nirvanix Demo Sample

This demo application demonstrates how to upload images to Nirvanix cloud storage.


This application highlights the following features:

  • Upload image with 120x120 thumbnail.
  • Redirect to another page after successful upload.
  • Retrieve list of uploaded files from Nirvanix.

To find information about how this demo is implemented using a specific platform, see the Samples by Platforms topic.

Client-Side Code

Configuring NirvanixExtender

NirvanixExtender extends Image Uploader functionality with direct upload to Nirvanix storage. In particular, it modifies the POST request to make it compatible with Nirvanix.

To configure the extender you should specify your authentication details, namely username, password, and application key. Find the detailed information on how to use the NirvanixExtender in different Image Uploader embedding tools in the Uploading to Cloud Storages topic.

Image Uploader Appearance

Image Uploader appearance and thumbnail settings are equal to the ones specified within the Basic Demo Sample.

Server-Side Code

This demo uploads files to Nirvanix storage directly from the client browser, so it has not its own server-side upload script.


The gallery page looks like the same name page of the Basic Demo Sample. However, the displayed thumbnails and links to corresponded source files are retrieved from Nirvanix storage.

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