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Removing Limitations of Evaluation Version

After you purchase a license for Image Uploader you get one or several full license keys. Find here how to use them to remove evaluation limitations.

What is Full License Key

Full license key is a code associated with the domain name or IP address of the website where Image Uploader will be used (speaking more precisely - the address of the server where you will host the control and submit files to). If the full license key matches the address you have provided us with, Image Uploader works as a full version, otherwise it will not work at all. It will show the following message every time you start the upload:

No valid license key for current DNS/IP address specified. If you see this message please contact site administrator.

There are two licensing options available for Image Uploader:

Single Domain License

Allows using Image Uploader at the single domain name you specified during activation.


License key is generated for a full-qualified domain name, i.e. it works neither with other domains associated with the same site nor with any subdomains of this domain. The only exception is the www subdomain.

In other words, if you generate a license key for the domain, it will not be valid for, but will be valid for

You can also specify an IP address, but in this case users need to type this address in the navigation bar of their browser.

Single IP License

Allows using Image Uploader with all domains associated with a specific IP address specified during activation.


If you need to host Image Uploader on one domain or IP address and upload images to another you should set full license keys for each one. To obtain additional license keys contact us at The instructions on how to specify two or more license keys are described in the Adding License Key section of this topic.

Development and Staging License Keys

These license keys are associated with a domain name or IP address of the website too with only one difference, they can be used for development or staging purposes only. To inform that you are using a staging or development license key on your site a special watermark is displayed over Image Uploader surface.

Adding License Key

The way to register license keys depends on the way used to embed Image Uploader into your application. Thus, in the case if you use the ASP.NET control find the detailed instructions on how to insert license keys in the Configuring Image Uploader ASP.NET Control topic. The Configuring Image Uploader PHP article shows how to perform the same task using the PHP library. And the Configuring Image Uploader topic describes how to do it using JavaScript.

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