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ImageUploaderFlash Members

The ImageUploaderFlash type exposes the following members.


Public method render Generates Image Uploader Flash embedding code and writes it into the page.


Public property AddFilesProgressDialog Gets or sets settings of the dialog which appears when a user selects quite a lot of files.
Public property CancelUploadButtonText Gets or sets a caption of the Cancel button.
Public property ClientEvents Gets or sets the collection of client-side events.
Public property CommonDialog Gets or sets the common dialog settings.
Public property Converters Gets or sets the collection of converters.
Public property DebugScriptLevel Gets or sets a debug level.
(Inherited from BaseControl.)
Public property DebugScriptMode Gets or sets a debug mode which will be used to display messages if the DebugScriptLevel is greater than 0.
(Inherited from BaseControl.)
Public property DescriptionEditor Gets or sets the description editor settings.
Public property EnableAutoRotation Gets or sets a value indicating whether the automatic EXIF-based photo rotation feature is enabled.
Public property EnableDescriptionEditor Gets or sets a value indicating whether it is possible to add descriptions to files.
Public property EnableRotation Gets or sets a value indicating whether it is possible to rotate images via Image Uploader Flash GUI.
Public property FlashControl Gets or sets the Flash control.
Public property Height Gets or sets the height of the control.
Public property ID Gets or sets an ID of the control that is used to get a reference to this control.
(Inherited from BaseControl.)
Public property ImagePreviewWindow Gets or sets the Image Preview window settings.
Public property Language Gets or sets the control localization.
Public property LicenseKey Gets or sets the license key which allows to evaluate, develop, or publish Image Uploader Flash according to the license key type (trial, development, or full).
Public property Locale Gets or sets the control locale.
Public property Messages Gets or sets messages.
Public property Metadata Gets or sets an additional upload data.
Public property PaneItem Gets or sets the pane item settings.
Public property Restrictions Gets or sets the upload restrictions.
Public property ScriptsDirectory Gets or sets a URL from which a stand-alone aurigma.imageuploaderflash.js file will be downloaded.
(Inherited from BaseControl.)
Public property StatusPane Gets or sets the Status Panel settings.
Public property TopPane Gets or sets the Top Panel settings.
Public property UploadButtonText Gets or sets a caption of the button which starts the upload of the selected files.
Public property UploadErrorDialog Gets or sets the Upload Error dialog settings.
Public property UploadPane Gets or sets the Upload Pane settings.
Public property UploadSettings Gets or sets the upload settings.
Public property Width Gets or sets width of the control.