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FlashControl.Quality Property

Gets or sets the quality of Flash control in player.


PHP Initialize
public function getQuality() {

public function setQuality($value) {

Property Value

Type: string

The quality of the Flash control.

Default value is "high".


The following values are possible:

  • low - favors playback speed over appearance and never uses anti-aliasing.
  • autolow - emphasizes speed at first but improves appearance whenever possible. Playback begins with anti-aliasing turned off. If the Flash Player detects that the processor can handle it, anti-aliasing is turned on.
  • autohigh - emphasizes playback speed and appearance equally at first but sacrifices appearance for playback speed if necessary. Playback begins with anti-aliasing turned on. If the actual frame rate drops below the specified frame rate, anti-aliasing is turned off to improve playback speed. Use this setting to emulate the View > Antialias setting in Flash.
  • medium - applies some anti-aliasing and does not smooth bitmaps. It produces a better quality than the Low setting, but lower quality than the High setting.
  • high - favors appearance over playback speed and always applies anti-aliasing. If the movie does not contain animation, bitmaps are smoothed; if the movie has animation, bitmaps are not smoothed.
  • best - provides the best display quality and does not consider playback speed. All output is anti-aliased and all bitmaps are smoothed.

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