UploadHandler Members ActiveX/Java Uploader PHP

The UploadHandler type exposes the following members.


Public method processRequest Enables processing of ActiveX/Java Uploader requests. Just call this method after specifying the AllFilesUploadedCallback and/or the FileUploadedCallback properties.
Public method saveFiles(string) Saves uploaded files to the specified path.


Public property AllFilesUploadedCallback Gets or sets the callback function which is called when the whole upload session is completed and all the converted files and metadata are received on the server side.
Public property CacheAliveTimeout Gets or sets a maximum time (in seconds) the upload session cache will be saved.
Public property FileUploadedCallback Gets or sets the callback function called when all the converted files and metadata related to a particular user-selected file are successfully uploaded.
Public property UploadCacheDirectory Gets or sets a path to the folder where UploadHandler saves the upload session cache.