metadata.exif Property ActiveX/Java Uploader JavaScript

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Gets or sets a list of EXIF fields which should be extracted and uploaded along with other data.


JavaScript Initialize
    metadata: {
        //...other params...
        exif: "",
        //...other params...
Get/Set Value at Runtime
value = $au.uploader('uploaderID').metadata().exif();

Property Value

Type: String

The string containing EXIF field names which you want to extract, separated with a semicolon.

You will find possible names of EXIF fields in the table below.

Field nameDescription
ExifApertureValueThe lens aperture (in APEX units).
ExifArtistThe name of photographer or image creator.
ExifBitsPerSampleThe number of bits per image component.
ExifBrightnessValueThe brightness value (in APEX units).
ExifCFAPatternThe color filter pattern.
ExifColorSpaceThe color space of the image.
ExifComponentsConfigurationThe order of pixel channels (components).
ExifCompressedBitsPerPixelThe number of bits per pixel in the compressed image.
ExifCompressionThe compression type.
ExifContrastThe contrast settings applied when images was captured.
ExifCopyrightThe copyright information.
ExifCustomRenderedValue that indicates that special processing was applied to the image.
ExifDateTimeFile change date and time.
ExifDateTimeDigitizedThe date and time when the image was converted into digital representation.
ExifDateTimeOriginalThe date and time when the original file was created.
ExifDeviceSettingDescriptionThe description of the image capturing device settings.
ExifDigitalZoomRatioThe digital zoom ratio.
ExifExifVersionThe version of the EXIF specification this data is stored at.
ExifExposureBiasValueThe exposure bias (in APEX units).
ExifExposureIndexThe exposure index of the device when image is being captured.
ExifExposureModeThe exposure mode.
ExifExposureProgramThe exposure program.
ExifExposureTimeThe exposure time (in seconds).
ExifFileSourceThe image source.
ExifFlashThe flash status.
ExifFlashEnergyThe flash energy (in BCPS).
ExifFlashPixVersionThe version of FlashPix format.
ExifFNumberThe F number.
ExifFocalLengthThe focal length of the lens (in millimeters).
ExifFocalLengthIn35mmFilmThe focal length of the lens assuming 35mm film camera is used (in millimeters).
ExifFocalPlaneResolutionUnitThe unit to measure focal plane resolution with (i.e. ExifFocalPlaneXResolution and ExifFocalPlaneYResolution).
ExifFocalPlaneXResolutionThe horizontal resolution of the camera focal plane.
ExifFocalPlaneYResolutionThe vertical resolution of the camera focal plane.
ExifGainControlThe overall image gain adjustment.
ExifGpsAltitudeThe altitude.
ExifGpsAltitudeRefThe altitude reference.
ExifGpsAreaInformationThe name of GPS area.
ExifGpsDateStampThe GPS datestamp.
ExifGpsDestBearingThe bearing to the destination point (in degrees).
ExifGpsDestBearingRefThe reference for giving the bearing to the destination point.
ExifGpsDestDistanceThe distance to the destination point.
ExifGpsDestDistanceRefThe unit for distance to the destination point.
ExifGpsDestLatitudeThe destination point latitude.
ExifGpsDestLatitudeRefThe destination point latitude reference (north or south).
ExifGpsDestLongitudeThe destination point longitude.
ExifGpsDestLongitudeRefThe destination point longitude reference (west or east).
ExifGpsDifferentialThe GPS differential correction.
ExifGpsDOPThe GPS data degree of precision.
ExifGpsImgDirectionThe direction of the image when it was captured (in degrees).
ExifGpsImgDirectionRefThe reference for giving the direction of the image when it was captured.
ExifGpsLatitudeThe latitude.
ExifGpsLatitudeRefThe latitude reference (north or south).
ExifGpsLongitudeThe longitude.
ExifGpsLongitudeRefThe longitude reference (west or east).
ExifGpsMapDatumThe geodetic survey data.
ExifGpsMeasureModeThe GPS measurement mode.
ExifGpsProcessingMethodThe name of GPS processing method.
ExifGpsSatellitesThe details about GPS satellites used in measurement.
ExifGpsSpeedThe speed of the GPS receiver movement.
ExifGpsSpeedRefThe Unit for speed of movement of GPS receiver.
ExifGpsStatusThe status of GPS receiver when image was recorded.
ExifGpsTimeStampThe GPS timestamp (in UTC).
ExifGpsTrackThe direction of GPS receiver movement (in degrees).
ExifGpsTrackRefThe reference for giving the direction of GPS receiver movement.
ExifGpsVersionIDThe version of the GPSVersionID tag.
ExifImageDescriptionThe title of the image.
ExifImageHeightThe height of the image in pixels.
ExifImageUniqueIDThe 128-bit unique ID of the image.
ExifImageWidthThe width of the image in pixels.
ExifInteroperabilityIndexThe index of interoperability rule.
ExifISOSpeedRatingsThe ISO speed and the ISO latitude of the device.
ExifLightSourceThe light source.
ExifMakeThe name of manufacturer of the camera (or other recording equipment).
ExifMakerNoteThe custom comments. May contain any information maker want to store.
ExifMaxApertureValueThe smallest F of the lens (in APEX units).
ExifMeteringModeThe metering mode.
ExifModelThe name of the model of the camera (or other recording equipment).
ExifOECFThe opto-electronic conversion function.
ExifOrientationThe orientation of image (how it is rotated relative to the top left corner).
ExifPhotometricInterpretationThe pixel composition.
ExifPixelXDimensionThe valid width of the meaningful image.
ExifPixelYDimensionThe valid height of the meaningful image.
ExifPlanarConfigurationThe planar configuration of the pixel components (planar or chunky).
ExifPrimaryChromaticitiesThe chromaticity of the three primary colors of the image.
ExifReferenceBlackWhiteThe reference for black and white point of the image.
ExifRelatedSoundFileThe name of an audio file associated with this image.
ExifResolutionUnitThe unit image resolution is measured in (i.e. ExifXResolution and ExifYResolution).
ExifRowsPerStripRows per strip (if image is divided into strips).
ExifSamplesPerPixelThe number of components (channels) in one pixel.
ExifSaturationThe saturation settings applied when images was captured.
ExifSceneCaptureTypeThe type of scene was captured by camera (landscape, night scene, portrait, etc).
ExifSceneTypeThe type of scene.
ExifSensingMethodThe sensor type of the device.
ExifSharpnessThe sharpness settings applied when images was captured.
ExifShutterSpeedThe shutter speed (in APEX units).
ExifSoftwareThe name of the software that created this image.
ExifSpatialFrequencyResponseThe spatial frequency response values.
ExifSpectralSensitivityThe spectral sensitivity.
ExifStripByteCountsThe total number of bytes in one strip.
ExifStripOffsetsThe bitmap stride (byte offset between strips).
ExifSubjectAreaThe subject area.
ExifSubjectDistanceThe distance to the subject (in meters).
ExifSubjectDistanceRangeThe kind of distance to the subject (macro, close, or distant).
ExifSubjectLocationThe location of the main subject in the scene.
ExifSubSecTimeThe fractions of seconds for the ExifDateTime field.
ExifSubSecTimeDigitizedThe fractions of seconds for the ExifDateTimeDigitized field.
ExifSubSecTimeOriginalThe fractions of seconds for the ExifDateTimeOriginal field.
ExifThumbnailBitsPerSampleThe number of bits per channel in the thumbnail.
ExifThumbnailCompressionThe compression type of the thumbnail.
ExifThumbnailHeightThe height of the thumbnail in pixel.
ExifThumbnailOrientationThe orientation of the thumbnail (how it is rotated relative to the top left corner).
ExifThumbnailPhotometricInterpretationThe pixel composition of the thumbnail.
ExifThumbnailResolutionUnitThe unit thumbnail resolution is measured in (i.e.ExifThumbnailXResolution and ExifThumbnailYResolution).
ExifThumbnailRowsPerStripRows per strip in the thumbnail (if thumbnail is divided into strips).
ExifThumbnailSamplesPerPixelThe number of components (channels) in one pixel of the thumbnail.
ExifThumbnailStripByteCountsThe total number of bytes in one strip of the thumbnail.
ExifThumbnailStripOffsetsThe thumbnail stride (byte offset between strips).
ExifThumbnailWidthThe width of the thumbnail in pixels.
ExifThumbnailXResolutionThe horizontal resolution of the thumbnail.
ExifThumbnailYResolutionThe vertical resolution of the thumbnail.
ExifTransferFunctionThe transfer function in tabular form.
ExifUserCommentThe additional comments or keywords on the image available for users.
ExifWhiteBalanceThe mode of the white balance when the image was captured.
ExifWhitePointThe white point of the image.
ExifXResolutionThe horizontal resolution of the image.
ExifYCbCrCoefficientsThe coefficients used during the transformation between RGB and YCbCr colorspaces.
ExifYCbCrPositioningThe position of chrominance components relative to the luminosity component.
ExifYCbCrSubSamplingSampling ratio of the chrominance components relative to the luminosity component.
ExifYResolutionThe vertical resolution of the image.

All date/time values have the following format: YYYY:MM:DD hh:mm:ss. E.g. 11th of May 2006, 2:40PM would be represented as: 2006:05:11 14:40:00.

For more details regarding interpretation of these values, refer to the EXIF specification.

Default value is "".


To get an uploaded EXIF value at the server, you should extract POST field which is named in the following way: XXX_N, where XXX is a string value specified in this property (EXIF field name), and N is the index of the file in the request. E.g. if the property value is ExifDateTime;ExifOrientation;ExifModel, you will get the following POST fields:

  • ExifDateTime_1, ExifDateTime_2, etc.
  • ExifOrientation_1, ExifOrientation_2, etc.
  • ExifModel_1, ExifModel_2, etc.

If you need to send/recieve custom EXIF tags (such tags are not mentioned in the table above), such as Windows Title tag, you can perform it in the following way:

  • to extract such tag use the hexadecimal tag ID 0xID as a field name
  • to recieve custom tag use the ExifCustom_ID_1, ExifCustom_ID_2, etc. keys

Here is the list of windows-specific tags, which values can be set via the properties tab of an image:

Hexadecimal Tag IDProperty Field

If you prefer to extract EXIF fields on the server, you can get them from the original file, or specify to preserve EXIF fields in the thumbnails you are going to upload. To do this, use the thumbnailCopyExif property.

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