uploader.paneLayout Property ActiveX/Java Uploader JavaScript

Supported browsers: Internet ExplorerFirefoxGoogle ChromeSafari

Gets of sets ActiveX/Java Uploader layout.


JavaScript Initialize
    //...other params...
    paneLayout: "TreePanes",
    //...other params...

Property Value

Type: String

The ActiveX/Java Uploader layout.

The following values are supported:

OnePaneOnly the upload pane representing a list of user-selected files is displayed. Users can drag-and-drop necessary files from Windows Explorer, Finder, or any other graphic shell to this list.

Three panes are displayed:

  • Tree pane - is the folder tree allowing users to navigate their file system.
  • Folder pane - displays the content of the currently selected folder.
  • Upload pane - contains files ready to be uploaded.

Default value is "TreePanes".


Keep in mind that ActiveX/Java Uploader is not designed to switch between layouts in run-time.

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