ImageEditor.CropRatio Property ActiveX/Java Uploader PHP

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Gets or sets an aspect ratio of the crop rectangle.


public function getCropRatio() {

public function setCropRatio($value) {

Property Value

Type: string

The aspect ratio of the crop rectangle. If empty string no aspect ratio is given.

Default value is "".


Crop ratio is width-to-height, thus, property value should be greater than 1 to get landscape orientation and lesser than 1 to get portrait. For example, if you set 0.75 as the property value, it will result in portrait with 3:4 aspect ratio.

You can restrict users from changing the aspect ratio by adding "; fixed" to the value. For example, the following value: "4:3; fixed" sets the 4:3 aspect ratio, which cannot be chaged by users.

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