Uploader.FolderProcessingMode Property ActiveX/Java Uploader PHP

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Gets or sets the folder processing mode.


public function getFolderProcessingMode() {

public function setFolderProcessingMode($value) {

Property Value

Type: string

The folder processing mode.

The following values are supported:

SkipSubfolders are not shown in the folder pane, so it is impossible to upload a whole folder if it is not a current folder.
ShowSubfolders are visible in the folder pane, so a user can select folders. However, restoring folders structure on server side is impossible because no file path information is uploaded.
UploadSubfolders are shown in the folder pane, so a user can select folders. Moreover, it is possible to restore folders structure on a server because ActiveX/Java Uploader sends each file along with its relative path to the selected folder.

Default value is "Skip".



ActiveX/Java Uploader Express does not display and upload folders. See the Upload Suite Editions topic for details.

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