Thumbnail Properties ActiveX/Java Uploader PHP

The Thumbnail type exposes the following properties.


Public property ActiveXControl Gets or sets the ActiveX control settings.
Public property BackgroundColor Gets or sets a background color of this Thumbnail instance.
Public property ClientEvents Gets or sets a collection of client-side events.
Public property DebugScriptLevel Gets or sets a debug level.
(Inherited from BaseControl.)
Public property DebugScriptMode Gets or sets a debug mode which will be used to display messages if the DebugScriptLevel is greater than 0.
(Inherited from BaseControl.)
Public property Guid Gets or sets a unique identifier (GUID) of the item which is represented with this Thumbnail instance.
Public property Height Gets or sets a height of this Thumbnail instance.
Public property ID Gets or sets an ID of the control that is used to get a reference to this control.
(Inherited from BaseControl.)
Public property JavaControl Gets or sets the Java applet settings.
Public property ParentControlName The Uploader control name this Thumbnail instance is associated with.
Public property ScriptsDirectory Gets or sets a URL from which a stand-alone aurigma.uploader.js file will be downloaded.
(Inherited from BaseControl.)
Public property Width Gets or sets a width of this Thumbnail instance.