Registering HTML5/Flash Uploader

Supported technologies: Adobe FlashHTML 5

HTML5/Flash Uploader Express does not support multiple license keys. See the Upload Suite Editions topic for details.

To register a license key just specify it as a value of the ImageUploaderFlash.LicenseKeyLicenseKey (ASP.NET)LicenseKey (PHP)licenseKey (JavaScript) property. Here is how you can do that (note that if you have several keys, they should be separated with semicolons):

<aur:ImageUploaderFlash ID="Uploader1" runat="server" 
$uploader = new ImageUploaderFlash("Uploader1");
	id: 'Uploader1',

Preparing Server Side for IP License

For an IP license you should additionally put a file in a folder containing your page with HTML5/Flash Uploader host page. The file should contain public IP address of your Web server used for activation. The address should be specified in the following format:, for example, A file name should be as follows:, where xxx is a file extension of a host page. For example, if you host HTML5/Flash Uploader on a page with the uploader.php name, then the file should be named address.php.

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