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Comparison of Express, Standard, and Professional Versions

Image Uploader comes in three editions: Express, Standard, and Professional. This topic compares them by functionality.

Image Uploader Professional includes a full Image Uploader functionality described in the Image Uploader Features topic and has no restrictions on a size or resolution of created thumbnails. Image Uploader Express and Standard have the same functionality and differ in terms of license agreement only. They have the following differences in comparison with Image Uploader Professional:

  • They restrict a size of each created thumbnail to 3 megapixels. It means that Image Uploader Express/Standard does not upload thumbnails, which size (width x height) exceeds 3 megapixels. For example, you need Image Uploader to create and upload thumbnails of 1500x1500 size for each specified image. The size of thumbnail specified in settings will be 2.25 megapixels (1500 pixels x 1500 pixels = 2.25 megapixels) that less than 3 megapixels. That means that you can use Express/Standard edition of Image Uploader in your solution.
  • They create thumbnails with 72 dpi resolution only.
  • They do not allow preserving EXIF metadata when creating thumbnails.
  • They disable the quality meter functionality.

If you purchased Image Uploader Express or Standard and try to use disabled functionality you will get an error message and corresponding console output (for Java version).

As you can see Professional edition of Image Uploader includes printing-specific features in addition to Express and Standard editions functionality. In that way Express and Standard editions are intended to be used in projects that do not require making thumbnails larger than 3 megapixels and the other printing-related features, namely, Web 2.0 solutions, professional solutions, e-commerce solutions, and so on. Professional version, however, is designed to be used in various pre-print and photo-print solutions.

All the Image Uploader editions differ in license keys. It means if you purchase Express/Standard edition you get a license key for Express/Standard edition that locks Professional version functionality and vice versa. Nevertheless, installation packages as well as cab, jar files, client scripts, ASP.NET control, and PHP library are the same for all editions.