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ImageUploader.Action Property

URL of the page to which files selected for upload in Image Uploader are sent to.

Namespace: Aurigma.ImageUploader
Assembly: Aurigma.ImageUploader (in Aurigma.ImageUploader.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Property Action As String
public string Action { get; set; }

Property Value

A string that specifies the URL to the page files are posted to.

Default value is ".".


This property corresponds to Action client-side property.

When specifying this property, take into account the following cases:

Uploading to Several URLs

You can specify several URLs in this property to upload files to several servers. In this case you should specify these URLs separated by a semicolon character (;):


Using Quotation Marks and Semicolons

URLs can contain semicolon or quotation mark characters (like this one:;jsessionid=123?param='value'). If so, to avoid parameter parsing errors enclose such URLs in single (' ') or double (" ") quotes. Additionally, quotation marks (both single ' and double ") inside URLs should be escaped with a backslash:


Uploading to the Same Page

If you want to submit files to the same page Image Uploader is hosted on, specify the dot character (.) as a value of this property.

Using Absolute and Relative URLs

URLs can be both absolute (e.g. and relative to the current page (e.g. /upload/upload.aspx).

For example, if Image Uploader is inserted to the page, the relative URLs specified via this property will correspond to the following locations.

Specified URL Expected Location

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