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Customizing Appearance

The figures below demonstrate what elements of Image Uploader Flash can be changed and which properties are responsible for the changes. If you click the property name, you will get the reference description of this property.

Image Uploader Flash Layout

The following screenshot demonstrates Image Uploader Flash layout. Here it is shown how to carry out the changes:

  • Top Pane labels;
  • Change view box items;
  • Upload Pane button and tooltips;
  • Status Pane elements.
paneItem.itemTooltip paneItem.imageTooltip uploadPane.addFilesButtonText imageUploaderFlash.uploadButtonText statusPane.filesToUploadText statusPane.noFilesToUploadText TopPane.viewComboBoxText TopPane.viewComboBox TopPane.ClearAllHyperlinkText TopPane.orText TopPane.addFilesHyperlinkText TopPane.titleText

View Modes

There are three view modes intended to browse user-selected files in a more convenient way.

Tiles View

In this view files appear as thumbnails (or icons for non-image files) with a file name and details. Here you can set the tile width and the thumbnail dimensions.

uploadPane.tilePreviewSize uploadPane.tileItemWidth paneItem.descriptionEditorIconTooltip

Thumbnails View

This view displays thumbnails (or icons for non-image files) only. Thus, only the thumbnail dimensions can be modified.

paneItem.rotationIconTooltip uploadPane.thumbnailPreviewSize

Icons View

In this view files appear as small icons with names on the right. Here it is available to change the width of the Upload Pane item (including an icon and file name) and the size of square the icon is inscribed in.

uploadPane.iconSize paneItem.removalIconTooltip uploadPane.iconItemWidth

Image Preview Window

This screenshot shows Image Preview window which appears whenever a user double-clicks an image item in Upload Pane. Here you can modify a tooltip displaying when the Image Preview window is shown and the mouse pointer hovers over the Status Pane.


Information Bar

These messages are displayed when a user tries to add a file which does not meet the specified restrictions.

messages.maxFileSizeExceeded messages.fileSizeTooSmall messages.dimensionsTooLarge messages.dimensionsTooSmall messages.tooFewFiles messages.maxFileCountExceeded messages.maxTotalFileSizeExceeded messages.previewNotAvailable messages.filesNotAdded messages.cannotReadFile

Progress Details

The screenshot below demonstrates the Status Pane during the upload process. Here you can change labels containing upload details and the button which terminates the upload.

imageUploaderFlash.cancelUploadButtonText statusPane.sendingText statusPane.preparingText statusPane.filesUploadedText statusPane.filesPreparedText statusPane.dataUploadedText

Upload Error Dialog

This dialog appears whenever some upload error occurs.

commonDialog.okButtonText errorDialog.hideDetailsButtonText errorDialog.showDetailsButtonText errorDialog.message errorDialog.title

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