HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP Reference

HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP is a collection of classes that are meant to make deployment of HTML5/Flash Uploader and handling uploaded data easier. Using this collection, PHP developers can work with HTML5/Flash Uploader in a usual way as with a common PHP object.


Public class AddFilesProgressDialog This class represents the Adding Files dialog which appears when a user selects quite a lot of files.
Public class BaseClientControl This is a base class for the client-side control.
Public class BaseControl This is a base class for all HTML5/Flash Uploader visual controls.
Public class ClientEvents This class provides access to HTML5/Flash Uploader client-side events.
Public class CommonDialog This class contains captions for common dialog buttons.
Public class ConvertedFile This class represents a converted file and exposes a number of properties and methods which provide access to the converted file details (e.g. file name, size, conversion mode, etc.) and allows to save it on server.
Public class Converter This class represents a file converter.
Public class DescriptionEditor This class represents the description editor.
Public class DrawTool This class represents the draw tool settings.
Public class FlashControl This class represents the HTML5/Flash Uploader control.
Public class ImageEditor This class represents the image editor.
Public class ImagePreviewWindow This class represents the Image Preview window.
Public class ImageUploaderFlash This class is intended for embedding HTML5/Flash Uploader into PHP applications.
Public class Messages This class contains error messages which Flash Uploader shows.
Public class Metadata This class represents an additional upload data.
Public class Package This class represents a package uploaded within the current session.
Public class PaneItem This class represents a pane item displayed in both the upload and folder panes.
Public class PostFields This class contains POST field names that are generated and uploaded by HTML5/Flash Uploader.
Public class Restrictions This class contains file filters and upload restrictions.
Public class StatusPane This class represents the Status Panel part of the HTML5/Flash Uploader user interface.
Public class TopPane This class represents the Top Panel part of the HTML5/Flash Uploader user interface.
Public class UploadErrorDialog This class represents the Upload Error dialog.
Public class UploadHandler This class allows to process the data uploaded by HTML5/Flash Uploader from client computers.
Public class UploadPane This class represents the Upload Panel part of the HTML5/Flash Uploader user interface.
Public class UploadSettings This class represents the upload settings.
Public class UploadedFile This class provides an access to all the converted files and metadata related to a particular user-selected file.
Public class AmazonS3Extender This class extends HTML5/Flash Uploader with a direct upload to Amazon S3 storage.
Public class FileSettings This class contains a list of settings for file to be uploaded to Amazon S3 storage.