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Why to renew the maintenance subscription?

All customers of Upload Suite have an opportunity to receive free updates to solve urgent (and not so urgent) problems without paying for updates. To get it, you just need to have an active maintenance subscription. Why?

Compatible with all latest browsers and Java

The uploader is not a standalone and independent application. It is a browser product and its essential part depends on Java runtime. It means that it highly depends on very third party vendors. Although they are very respectable companies (Oracle, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla), you can never know when they make some changes which break our uploaders.

We keep an eye on all such changes and when something bad happens, we roll out an update within few business days. We know that the uploader is often really business critical for you, so it is our highest priority.

If you have the maintenance subscription, you can receive the update in the earliest terms. It is your insurance that your customers don't have any problems with the upload process.

Get Aurigma's support

Aurigma always felt responsibility for the product we deliver to our customers. If you contact Aurigma's support team, we will always try to help, even if you have an outdated version. However, if you contact us with the problem which is eliminated in the latest version, we won't be able to help. The only way to resolve the issue is to upgrade.

This way, the maintenance subscription is absolutely necessary if you want to be sure that your problems can be always addressed.

Increase the upload speed

In the version 8.0.48 we have introduced new feature which may help you to upload files twice (or even more) faster than earlier - multithreaded upload. Although this feature may require to make serious changes in your upload processing code, we highly encourage to enable it. Our support team will be happy to help with it.

If you have a version older than 8.0.48, it is a time to get the latest update and halve the time your users staring on the progress bar while waiting for the upload completion!

Renew, don't buy again!

We encourage Upload Suite customers to keep their maintenance subscription active.

However even if your subscription expired, you can renew it at very special prices!

Proceed with renewal

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