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ImageUploader.Error Event

Supported in: ActiveX , Java

Raised if some error occurred during upload.


<script type="text/javascript" src="iuembed.js">  </script>
<script type="text/javascript">
function ImageUploaderID_Error(ErrorCode, HttpResponseCode, ErrorPage, AdditionalInfo) {
	//...your code...
var iu = new ImageUploaderWriter("ImageUploaderID", 610, 500);
//...other event listeners...
iu.addEventListener("Error", "ImageUploaderID_Error");
//...other event listeners...



One of the following values:

  • 1 - Number of selected files is less than number of files allowed for the upload;
  • 2 - The URL specified in the Action property was not found;
  • 3 - The URL specified in the Action property has an incorrect syntax;
  • 4 - Some server-side error occurred;
  • 6 - Size of the selected file exceeds the MaxFileSize value;
  • 7 - Number of selected files exceeds the MaxFileCount value;
  • 8 - Total size of selected files exceeds the MaxTotalFileSize value;
  • 9 - The upload was aborted from the Progress Dialog;
  • 10 - The Java applet throws an out of memory exception;
  • 11 - The server returned HTTP code 3xx (e.g. 302 or 304) during redirection;
  • 12 - The upload was aborted from the script (using the Stop() method);
  • 13 - The trial period has expired.
  • 18 - The upload was aborted from the PackageComplete event handler (the handler returns false);
  • 19 - Image dimensions are too large. Image width or height exceeds the MaxImageWidth or MaxImageHeight value;
  • 20 - Image dimensions are too small. Image width or height is less than the MinImageWidth or MinImageHeight value;
  • 21 - Size of the selected file is less than the MinFileSize value;
  • 0 - Unknown error.

HTTP error code received from the server (if any).


A web page containing error description, retirned from the server (if any).


Text message that can be displayed to the user. The same message the user would see, if they set the ShowDebugWindow property to true.


This event allows you to handle errors which can occur during the upload.

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