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ImageUploader.ShowDebugWindow Property

Supported in: ActiveX , Java

Switch that specifies whether to display an error page returned from the server if some error occurs on the page specified with the Action property.



<script type="text/javascript" src="iuembed.js">  </script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var iu = new ImageUploaderWriter("ImageUploaderID", 610, 500);
//...other params...
iu.addParam("ShowDebugWindow", "false");
//...other params...

Get/Set Value in Runtime

value = getImageUploader("ImageUploaderID").getShowDebugWindow();

Property Value

A boolean value (true or false). If true, Image Uploader opens a window with the error page returned by the server if error occurred. Otherwise, the user-friendly error message is displayed (the MessageUnexpectedErrorText property). Also, this property influences on certain error messages which are meaningful only to a website developer.

Default value is "false".


It is useful to toggle this property on when your site is in development. In this case if some error occurs on server side, the browser with the error page will be opened. When you migrate the site to the production server, it is better to disable the debug window.

In Java version this property may work incorrectly (suppress the error window). However you can always find the error page in Java console output.

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