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ImageUploader.CheckFilesBySelectAllButton Property

Supported in: ActiveX , Java

Switch that specifies whether to display Check All/Uncheck All or Select All/Deselect All buttons in TwoPanes layout.



<script type="text/javascript" src="iuembed.js">  </script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var iu = new ImageUploaderWriter("ImageUploaderID", 610, 500);
//...other params...
iu.addParam("CheckFilesBySelectAllButton", "true");
//...other params...

Get/Set Value in Runtime

value = getImageUploader("ImageUploaderID").getCheckFilesBySelectAllButton();

Property Value

A boolean value (true or false). If true, the Check All and Uncheck All buttons which check and uncheck files in the folder pane are displayed. Otherwise, Image Uploader displayes the Select All and Deselect All buttons which just set/clear selection on items in the folder pane.

Default value is "true".


This property makes sense in TwoPanes layout only. By default, when the user clicks Check All button Image Uploader checks all files in the folder pane. If this behavior is unacceptable for you, set this property to false. In that case Image Uploader will display Select All and Deselect All buttons instead of Check All/Uncheck All.


This property does not affect the SelectAll() method due to security reasons. Call to this method sets selection on folder pane items regardless of the CheckFilesBySelectAllButton property value.

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