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ImageUploader.AllowFolderUpload Property

Supported in: ActiveX , Java

Switch that specifies whether it is possible to upload not only separate files, but also entire folders.



<script type="text/javascript" src="iuembed.js">  </script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var iu = new ImageUploaderWriter("ImageUploaderID", 610, 500);
//...other params...
iu.addParam("AllowFolderUpload", "false");
//...other params...

Get/Set Value in Runtime

value = getImageUploader("ImageUploaderID").getAllowFolderUpload();

Property Value

A boolean value (true or false). If true, the user can add folders to upload list. Otherwise only files can be added.


If this property is false and the user adds some folder to the upload list, Image Uploader will add all files from this folder instead of the folder itself.

Default value is "false".


When the uploaded folders contain subfolders, you probably would like to restore the folder structure on the server. To do it, you can parse the FileName_N. It contains not just the file name, but the relative path (relatively the folder which is being uploaded, including the name of this folder). For example, if the user sends a MyDocuments folder, which contains a MyPhotos subfolder; all files inside this subfolder will be received on a server and their FileName_i POST fields will contain MyDocuments\MyPhotos\filename values.

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