This section contains answers on frequently asked questions and instructions on how to resolve problems.

How can I close Photo Kiosk?

You can use Alt+F4 on your keyboard. There is no way to close the application using touch screen.

I have several kiosks. How can I configure them identically?

In order to configure several kiosks identically, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Install Photo Kiosk to all your kiosk machines
  2. Fully configure one kiosk
  3. Copy all files and folders containing in the c:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Aurigma\PhotoKiosk\7.0\ folder from the first kiosk machine to the others. If you create your own theme, localization file, or receipt template do not forget to copy them too.
  4. Register all Photo Kiosk instances.
  5. Configure hardware directly connected to each kiosk, like receipt printer, CD/DVD burner, photo printers.
  6. Check that paths specified in the following settings are exist:

    • Behavior->General->Paths where Photo Kiosk searches photos
    • Appearance->General->Photo Kiosk theme
    • Appearance->General->Localization file
    • Ordering photos->General->Folder to store orders
    • Receipt->Receipt template

What should I do if Photo Kiosk encounters an error and stops working?

If Photo Kiosk produces an error, please perform the following steps:

  1. Retrieve all Photo Kiosk event messages from Application Event Log:

    1. Open Control Panel, click Administrative Tools and then launch Event Viewer.

    2. In navigation panel expand Windows Logs and select Application group.

    3. Sort events table by Source and find events having Aurigma Photo Kiosk 7.0 source.

    4. Select all Photo Kiosk events and click Copy -> Copy Details as Text in Actions menu.

  2. Create support case at http://www.aurigma.com/account/cases/add and provide us with messages from Application Event Log. Your description of a problem as well as screenshots would be helpful too.

I have changed (upgraded) my kiosk hardware and Photo Kiosk becomes trial. What should I do?

This is due to Photo Kiosk license is bound to hardware. So, to eliminate this problem you should request license key replacement:

  1. Run Configuration Tool on a new kiosk machine and copy the activation code. See Evaluating and Registering.

  2. Create support case at http://www.aurigma.com/account/cases/add with License key replacement request type and provide your activation code here.