The following features list will help you to understand what exactly you get and what you can offer to your clients if you install Photo Kiosk on your kiosks.

User Interface

  • User-friendly and convenient wizard-like graphical interface.

  • Especially designed to be used with touch-screen monitors (includes an on-screen keyboard).

  • Attractive look-and-feel.

  • Customizable appearance.

  • Localizable to different languages.

  • Ability to browse all provided photos both as small thumbnails and as large images.

  • Possibility to specify a print format and a quantity for each photo or for a whole order. Each photo can be ordered in several print formats.

  • Possibility to specify a paper type and crop mode for the whole order.

  • Quick and simple print area selection for each photo.

  • Support for the most necessary photo editing operations:

    • Crop

    • Rotate (90, 180, 270)

    • Flip

    • Color correction (Brightness/Contrast and AutoLevels)

    • Effects (Black and White, Sepia)

    • Red-Eye removal (Semiautomatic and Manual)

  • Photo modifications can be undone.

  • Localizable and customizable receipt template.

  • Upon order completion the user enters his/her name and, if required, phone and email.

  • When the order is accepted, the user is provided with an order ID which can be used to identify the order after it will be fulfilled.


  • Easy to install and configure.

  • Moderate system requirements (see System Requirements).

  • High performance for large amounts of data and huge photos even for slow media.

  • Rapid processing of huge photos in image editor.

  • Background managing orders created by Photo Kiosk.


  • Ability to work with a wide range of media, including CD, DVD, Flash cards, USB Flash drives, etc.

  • Possibility to select folders to order photos from.

  • Ability to upload photos to a kiosk via Bluetooth.

  • Possibility to burn user-selected images to CD/DVD.

  • Image editor can be disabled. Particular photo editing operations can be disabled as well.

  • Order ID can be both automatically generated and user-specified.

  • Ability to print ordered photos on built-in or network photo printer.

  • Photo Kiosk can print a receipt containing order details, such as order ID, total cost, a list of photos, etc.

  • Ability to specify Photo Kiosk identifier to handle the case when several kiosks store orders in the same folder.

  • Configurable price list: print formats and their prices, different price for instant and minilab prints.

  • Ability to set volume discounts, sales tax, and additional services price (for example, handling charges).

  • Automatic calculation of total order cost.

  • All user activity can be logged; it is helpful in case of technical issues.

  • Any application can be run when a user starts, cancels or completes ordering.

  • No administrator permissions are required to run the application.

  • Source code can be purchased separately if necessary.

  • Payment confirmation using codes, for more information see the Confirming Payment topic.

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