What Photo Kiosk Is

Aurigma Photo Kiosk is an application that allows your clients to order prints of their digital photos using kiosks. Aurigma Photo Kiosk has simple and attractive user interface, built-in image editor, and easy to use Configuration Tool. You just install the Photo Kiosk application to a kiosk machine (which can be a common computer with a touch-screen monitor), place it in an outlet, and start taking orders from consumers.

There are a number of photo kiosk applications presented on the market. However, Aurigma Photo Kiosk has benefits which make it much more preferable to other similar software:

  • Photo Kiosk is fast. It loads huge amounts of pictures really quickly, so that a client will not waste much time on waiting.

  • Photo Kiosk is designed to be intuitive even to untrained users and to be convenient in usage. That is achieved by using a wizard-like interface which consists of only three simple steps.

  • It is not just convenient to use Photo Kiosk, but also enjoyable, as it has an attractive, modern and clear look.

These are the main pros of choosing Photo Kiosk, but if you are not convinced yet, take a look at the more detailed list of its Features.

What Photo Kiosk Is and What Is Not

Photo Kiosk Is Photo Kiosk Is Not
Photo Kiosk is a pure software product. Photo Kiosk does not include any hardware parts like computers, displays, printers, etc.
Photo Kiosk can print ordered photos on printers connected to kiosk machines.
Photo Kiosk supports export orders to DPOF for minilabs.
Photo Kiosk can print order receipts on receipt printers connected to kiosk machines. Photo Kiosk does not support cash receivers or bank card readers.
Photo Kiosk is designed for photo orders only Personalized photo gifts (calendars, posters, cards, etc.) are not supported.
Photo Kiosk supports the most necessary photo editing operations: crop, flip, rotation, color correction, and red-eye removal.

For Solution Owners

Photo Kiosk is very flexible, thus, it easy integrates into your workflow. There is no need to buy some special hardware, because Photo Kiosk runs on a computer with Microsoft Windows XP SP2/Vista/7 and easily integrates with kiosk peripherals.

Moreover, no special knowledge is necessary to configure Photo Kiosk accordingly to your needs. Photo Kiosk Configuration Tool offers simple and easy to use settings tree interface that allows changing Photo Kiosk settings, customizing its appearance, set prices and discounts and configuring order handling. For more information see the Using Photo Kiosk Configuration Tool topic.

Photo Kiosk noticeably simplifies order management. Each order is handled in background right after it has been placed. It can be exported to DPOF or saved in the arbitrary format; in both cases the order will have description file and you can customize path to save order to. Additionally, all non-JPEG images can be automatically converted to JPEG. For more information on order management see the Orders Management topic.

For instant photo printing and CD/DVD burning solutions there is a special tool, Payment Confirmation Tool, that allows a clerk to generate payment confirmation code based on order ID and print this code. For more information see the Confirming Payment topic.

Photo Kiosk can be used in a variety of points of sale, including but not limited to: print order stations, instant print stations, Internet cafe PCs, photo studios. You can find detailed workflow descriptions and configuration tips in the How You Can Use Photo Kiosk topic.

For End Users

From the end users point of view, Photo Kiosk has an attractive appearance and intuitive wizard-like user interface. All photos are visible as thumbnails, so a user can easily identify photos. Additionally, Photo Kiosk allows selecting print area and editing photos while making order: cropping, rotating, flipping, and red-eye removing.

Another important fact is that Photo Kiosk understands most of modern removable media, such as Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, CDs/DVDs, flash drives, memory cards, etc. Thus, there is no need to copy photos on some special media beforehand, for example, users can print photos directly from their cameras or cell phones.

How It Works

Here is the sample workflow illustrating how a client can interact with Photo Kiosk:

  1. A client inserts a media into the kiosk and selects folders containing photos that should be printed.
  2. Photo Kiosk scans the content of selected folders, and displays thumbnails of all found photos.
  3. The client selects photos and specifies order details (print format, paper type, crop mode, etc).
  4. If necessary, photos can be edited (cropped, rotated, flipped, etc.).
  5. When the client specified all necessary order details, Photo Kiosk asks for client name and phone number.
  6. After the client have submitted the order, Photo Kiosk prints a receipt containing order details (order ID, total cost, list of photos, etc.)
  7. If your kiosk has a built-in photo printer, the ordered photos can be printed on it immediately. Otherwise, you retrieve photos from the kiosk and fulfill the order.

When a client does not need to print photos, but to burn them to CD or DVD, the workflow is quite the same, but the kiosk should be equipped with CD/DVD burner.

For more ideas and details on using Photo Kiosk, please, see the How You Can Use Photo Kiosk topic.

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