What's New?

Aurigma Photo Kiosk 7.0 - Released November 15, 2011

User Interface Improvements

  • The warning is displayed if photo is too small for selected paper format.
  • Now if photo and paper have different aspect ratio, a user can select print area.
  • Support of payment confirmation codes is added. Codes can be entered via user interface. Also, there is special code generation software included in Photo Kiosk distribution package.
  • Automatic thumbnail rotation based on EXIF information is added.

Configuration Tool Improvements

  • Pricing become much more flexible; now you can set:
    • volume discounts for each paper format/type pair
    • sales tax
    • different prices for instant and minilab prints
  • Fully customizable additional services are added.
  • Different printers can be associated with different paper types and formats; for more information see the Printing Photos topic.

Order Handling Improvements

  • Order management process is automatically run in background after the order is placed.
  • Minilab support is added (contact minilab manufacturer for details about your minilab DPOF support).
  • All ordered images can be automatically converted to JPEG.