Additional Services

If your kiosk is a print order station, you can use additional services feature to offer some services (pre-included or optional) to your clients. It could be order handling, photo correction, burning photos to CD/DVD, etc. If the service is pre-included, its price will be added to the total order price, otherwise a client will be able to choose services in the Additional Services screen, right after other order details were specified. All additional services added to an order will be displayed in the Confirm Order screen.

To add additional service run Configuration Tool, select Additional Services from the tree on the left, and enter service name in the table on the right. After the service is added, the subsection with the service name will appear in the Additional Services section. The following settings are available in a subsection:

Name Default Value Description
Name The service name will be shown in Photo Kiosk user interface and printed in receipt by default.
Description The description will be displayed under the service name in the Additional Services screen.
Price 1.00 Specify service price here; the value can be absolute or relative (percentage of total order price).
Allow user to choose this service cleared If selected, user can choose the service; otherwise, service will always be included in order.

To delete a service select the service row in the Additional Services section and press Delete.

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