Pricing and Discounts

This topic describes pricing configuration in Photo Kiosk. Here you can learn where to set sales tax, minimum total order price, print prices, and volume discounts.

To set prices and volume discounts run Configuration Tool and select Prices from the tree on the left. This section contains the following general settings that are applied to all orders:

Name Default Value Description
Minimum price ($) 0.00 Here the minimum total order price can be set. If the total price of the order is less than this amount, then the order cannot be placed and the relevant message will be displayed.
Sales tax (%) 0.00 Here you can set sales tax, for example, enter 8.5 for 8.5% sales tax rate.
Comment The comment to the sales tax, which will be shown to a client in the Confirm Order screen, for example, it can be the name of the state for which the tax is collected.

Before setting print prices you should add all available paper formats and types. If you enabled instant printing, you should also specify printer for each paper format/type pair. After that a subsection for each paper format/type pair will be available under Prices. In a subsection you can specify a price for each copy depending on amount of copies in an order using the following settings:

Name Default Value Description
Name paper format/type pair Name of paper format/type pair. If the name includes (Instant), then this pricing is for instant prints.
Volume discounts
From 1 Lower limit for pricing; non-negative integer.
To - Upper limit for pricing; non-negative integer or "-" for unlimited number.
Price 1.00 Discounted price of one print; price should be a non-negative float value. A currency name taken from the machine's regional and language settings will be automatically appended to this value in Photo Kiosk.

To add new volume pricing replace the "-" with the number in the last row of the Volume discounts table.

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