Burning CDs/DVDs

If your kiosk has a CD/DVD recorder, you can offer your clients to copy photos from their media to a CD or DVD disc. When this function is enabled, your clients will see the Burn photos to CD/DVD option in the Photo Kiosk start screen.


This topic discusses instant CD/DVD burning. If you want to offer burning photos to CD/DVD as additional service (that is done by your staff after the order is collected), add it as additional service in Photo Kiosk. For more information on additional services see the Additional Services topic.

To configure burning CDs/DVDs run Configuration Tool and select Burning CD/DVD from the tree on the left. The following settings are available in the Burning CD/DVD section:

Name Default Value Description
Enabled cleared This check box specifies whether burning CDs/DVDs feature is turned on. If it is selected, Photo Kiosk will offer your clients to burn CD/DVD.
Disc label Photo_Kiosk This setting specifies a title of all discs burned by Photo Kiosk. The title can contain from 0 to 16 symbols.
Drive letter Use this list box to choose a path to CD/DVD recorder.
Price 10,00 This setting specifies a price of the CD/DVD burning service. Currency name taken from regional and language of the machine settings will be automatically appended to this value.
Require confirmation cleared Use this check box to delay burning process. If it is cleared, then Photo Kiosk will start burn disk right after the order is placed, otherwise, burning process will be delayed until the payment is confirmed.
Payment instructions Please, pay for the order and get back. These instructions will be displayed to a user after the order is placed.

To start burning CDs/DVDs you should select the Enabled check box and choose the path to CD/DVD recorder via the Drive letter list box.

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